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Waste Recycling

Innovative Sustainable Solutions

We are one of Yorkshire's leading waste recycling and waste management organisations, recycling 99.3% of our incoming waste in 2021, and promoting a recycling target of 99.5% in 2022.

We aim to provide the most environmentally friendly, sustainable service possible by ensuring recyclable materials such as glass, wood, cardboard, metal, paper and plastic are processed to be used again or turned into other valuable resources. We are constantly seeking new ways to recycle or re-use more of our waste and divert as much as possible away from our precious UK landfills.

Our services include the collection of over 195 differing waste streams, whilst also providing a central disposal point for Registered Waste Carriers. We provide local authorities and businesses with a cost-effective, flexible and responsible solution to managing their recyclable waste.

We heavily re-invest in cutting edge recycling technology and upskill our workforce to extract the most value from the waste we collect and process.

Our central Waste Transfer Station both sorts the materials that can be recycled, and also in many cases actions their recycling within our dedicated 15 acre Materials Recycling Facility.

Our inert landfill and land remodelling sites provide convenient depositing locations for those working within the industry. These sites contribute to the positive regeneration of the local landscapes through recontouring, to develop sustainable land prime for future development and agriculture uses.

Please contact us for details of current open inert locations and accepted materials.

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