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Sustainability in construction is measured by assessing our performance in social, environmental and economic principles. These three pillars of sustainability are often informally referred to as “people”, “planet” and “profit”. Our ultimate operational goal is to carry out projects by balancing all three areas but, this can be one of the greatest challenges in implementing sustainable construction.

Sustainability is about fulfilling projects which have positive outcomes for society and the environment.


To achieve this, our main aims include;

1. Sourcing or creating renewable and recyclable resources and reusing materials where possible to avoid sending waste to landfill

2. Having a positive impact on wider society by creating good jobs and providing skills training

3. Targeted outcomes associated with a circular economy and reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases

Good Practise

As a waste recycling contractor, we are focused on finding new ways to reuse any form of material passing through our business. We consistently aim to reduce the amount of material that ends up going to landfill by developing innovative ways to capture, recover, reuse and recycle. 

Good management procedures at our sites across South Yorkshire have allowed us to maximise the capture and recycling of ‘waste’ materials. 

From an environmental point of view, we source all our aggregate materials locally, to reduce the impact on carbon emissions and support the local economy and workforce. 


Our state of the art, wood chip fired, drying, ventilated floor systems provide sustainable non-renewable drying solutions for both producers and retailers of a range of materials.

Biomass technology provides directly measurable cost saving benefits to organisations seeking to add value to products by rapidly removing excess moisture in a safe and controlled environmentally friendly way. 


There are a number of resources available for sustainable construction standards and assessment tools, we believe our choice of alliances proves how serious we are to improve sustainability across our work.  

Achieving ISO certification demonstrates our commitment to reducing the negative impacts of construction on the environment and improving sustainability in line with the Environmental Management System’s requirements.

SafeContractor verifies contractors for key Environment, Social and Governance topics, becoming an accredited and sustainability verified contractor shows our commitment to this cause. 

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