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Pentagon Toyota

Demolition of the 1970's constructed 129,000 sqft 3 storey office block including removal of all slabs and foundations. Demolition of all retaining walls and crushed materials arising to a 6F2 and Type 1 product for later use on the car park. 

Removed 26,000.00 m2 of spoil from site as part of the reshaping and remodelling work. Installed a 700m3 capacity attenuation tank along with Hydro Brake and Interceptor. As well as installation of all the channel drainage along with all underground drainage. Replaced all the cable ducts and with lighting column bases. Provide a new 8,000 m2 car park using the processed material from the demolition work and then tarmacking the whole area. Lastly we installed security hoops for the new car park. 

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