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Aggregate & Material Supplies

Efficient. Reliable. Affordable.

Clients can rest assured that our product meets recognised specifications. To achieve this we work in accordance with our quality manual following the WRAP protocol, and utilising a modern fleet of mobile crushers and screens operated by highly trained and skilled personnel to produce the highest quality aggregates as required.

Flexibility in operations means that recycled aggregate may be produced at our fixed waste processing facility, or our mobile equipment can be used to generate recycled aggregate at the construction site where it is produced. In the latter case the recycled aggregate can be reused on-site, thus eliminating client transport costs.

Have a browse through our selection of readily available materials. Please note, we are not limited to these materials and can source aggregates beyond this range.

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Recycled Materials

Readily Available


Generally crushed to a 75mm down specification, this material is used as a cost effective fill/capping layer in car parks, housing sites, driveways and on highways. The raw product typically tends to be concrete, brick and other hard materials.

MOT Type 1

This material is most commonly used as a final sub-base layer on roads and car parks. Crushed brick, concrete & tarmac make up the components for a material that meets the specification for highway works.

10/20/40mm Clean

These are typically used as a drainage material and for the bedding of pipes. We are able to supply dry-screened or washed versions of this material.

125 & 75mm Clean

This material is used in land drainage applications. This may include driveways, farm tracks and flood plains. This material is produced using crushed brick and concrete and is free from dust (fines).

Road Planings

This material is often used as a cost effective option for the covering of pathways, car parks and access tracks. The durability of the material means it performs well in all weather conditions and requires minor preparation to lay as opposed to a tarmac alternative.


This soil is ideal for landscaping and planting. The material is screened to a 20mm down specification and is a cost effective option when certified topsoil isn’t required.


Our certified topsoil is sourced from virgin land to ensure we are able to sell a premium product. The material is either 10mm or 20mm screened and is suitable for garden use, planting, landscaping and restoration. We are able to produce recycled topsoil, which can be tailored to suit any clients’ requirements; one of these soils is produced to the British Standard 3882.


We are able to source certified subsoil which is suitable for a variety of applications. Remediation and capping projects are often the most popular outlets for this material.

Bulk Fills

Depending on the type of project, we can produce and supply a number of bulk fills for a variety of applications. All our fills are produced according to WRAP protocol and are ideal for filling areas of land that require a material to meet a certain specification.

Concreting Sand

This tends to be a washed material consisting of brick, concrete or limestone dust. It is used primarily as a block paving sand due to its cost effectiveness.

Glass Sand

This material has gained popularity over the years due to its characteristics. It is much lighter than traditional sharp sand and retains very little water meaning the product is lighter whilst performing extremely well as a block paving sand. On average you will save 20% in costs using this material as an alternative to quarried sharp sand.

Wood Chip

We use locally sourced, recycled wood and can create wood chip in several sizes for various use cases, including; biomass solid fuel, park, garden and equestrian surfaces. All our wood chip is securely placed in dry storage and carefully monitored for moisture content, size and quality.

Quarried Materials

Readily Available


These are crusher run products that are produced to the series 600 earthworks specification. The stone tends to be well graded and used within the construction of highways, car parks and bulk filling. The products are available in 125mm and 40mm down sizes.

20/5 Graded

This is a grade of stone that is used for the production of concrete. The materials suitable for concrete are often hard limestone, granite & gravel.

6-2mm Clean Hard Stone

Often available in hard limestone and granite, the size of this product means it has many uses; asphalt, screed and block paving manufacture are the main applications this material is used for.

10 & 20mm Pipe Bedding

Often referred to as single size stone, these are used for the bedding of pipes to allow sufficient drainage. The size and use of the pipework often determines which size is to be used. The product is most commonly available in limestone and granite.

125 & 75mm Clean Stone

This material is used in land drainage applications and coarse porous filling applications. It is suitable for projects that require good drainage which may include driveways, farm tracks, flood plains and sites subject to heavy and arduous trafficking. The product is available in a variety of stone types.

Crusher Runs

These products are available in a variety of stone types, and sizes; 10/20/40/75/125mm. Typically

used for back-fill, piling-mats, capping layers and sub-bases. They are most commonly used on housing sites and off-highway applications.

Type 1

Used as a final sub-base layer under roads and concrete structures. Depending on the strength of stone required, Limestone, Gritstone, Granite, along with recycled products are the available stone types.

Type 3

Sometimes referred to as Type 1x, it's produced with reduced fines (dust) to allow better draining properties. It is more commonly used in the construction of sporting applications. The grading of this product tends to be 40mm down to 5mm.

Decorative Gravels

Available in 10/20/40mm. These are suitable for use on both small and large scale applications. Materials include quartz gravel, humber cream, limestone chippings, granite chippings & Cotswold.

Fill Sand

Available screened or as dug and is often used for laying underground cables but is also used as trench back fill and sometimes as a bulk fill. Sand can also be used to blend with topsoil, which makes it easier to spread and gives it a smoother finish.

Building Sand

This sand is used within mortar applications. The material is available washed or dry-screened in red, brown or grey colours and is suitable for small or large scale use. We are able to supply both washed and dry-screened sands.

Sharp Sand

This is a versatile product that has many uses and is suitable for block paving, concrete and screed applications.

Blinding Sand

Used as a break layer between consolidated fill and PVC damp-proofing. The sand tends to be very fine to avoid puncture of the lining.

Gabion Stone

This stone is most commonly used in gabion baskets due to its size. Typically a 9” down to 4” stone, it is suitable for decorative baskets and structural supporting baskets. The product is available in Limestone, Gritstone & Granite.

Useful Documents

Available for Download

Series 600 Highways Specifications

Series 800 Highways Specifications

WRAP Quality Protocol: Aggregates for Inert Waste

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