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Recently granted a contract by Sheffield City Council for city wide demolition of approximately 500 derelict garages. 

The project involved complete asbestos removal and safe disposal, followed by entire demolition of the existing structures right down to ground slab including removing all arisings from site. Each site was different and due to the locations, quite challenging in themselves. Many of the garage walls formed the boundary's to neighbouring gardens and access was sometimes restricted in heavily populated, residential areas.

Each site also had specific requirements for the finished look. Across these we provided a variety of materials including;  tarmac, concrete, permanent fencing, topsoil, grass seed, hand rails and knee rails, wherever required.  

The whole project was completed, on program, to the agreed timeline and budget, with no accidents or injuries to our staff or members of the public.

SCC were really pleased with the end result, specifically commenting on the neat and tidiness employed by the team, as well as the speed of delivery. 

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