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Excavation & Earthworks

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Our ability to integrate excavation and bulk earthworks solutions within site remediation and development schemes enables us to provide  clients with absolute confidence when delivering projects on their behalf

current & recent projects


We proactively approach site enabling, taking a value engineered approach- often clearing the site completely, crushing, screening and recyling the resultant matter for incorporation into the build project, making way for cut and fill to begin to develop safe, efficient, workable levels from which to take the site forward.  These methodologies lead to the most cost efficent solution for the client.


MHH Contracting adopt a comprehensive approach to project and site management to ensure contracts are cost controlled, effectively managed and completed on schedule and within budget.


Our management team hold a wealth of knowledge stemming from their grass roots backgrounds, further enhanced by robust professional qualifications.  


The works are effected on the ground by trained personnel, all of whom are CPCS qualified and operate a range of modern, highly efficient machinery supplied by the highest calibre of names in the industry.

Formation of state of the art soccer pitch and viewing areas, involved of the movement of in excess of 50,000 tonnes of Class 2 materials to re profile the contours and to permit the creation of the plateau.  In addition to this we also suppied and created topsoil to the final profiles.  Works also the involved modelling of temporary site access from existing highways, management of exsting highways infrastructure, and management and provision of road cleansing vehicles. The site adjoins a busy high school and site restrictions were in place, whilst the health and safety of all stakeholders was paramount.

DPL- Peak District


Keepmoat Homes- Sheffield

Contract comprised of the excavation to the required levels to facilitate the construction of the infrastructure for a new flagship housing development within an exisiting densely populated residential area.  Working hours were closely restricted by regulatory bodies.  Works were completed in satisfaction to the clients requirements, on time and within budget.

Simons Group- Sheffield Childrens Hospital

We are proud to be assisting Simons with their extensive improvement works at this outstanding Sheffield facility, primarily in the areas of earthworks and excavation works.  Those of you who are based in Sheffield will appreciate the restrictions posed on such an enclosed and busy site in the heart of the hospital network, restrictions which we are capably working within to complete the project, thus assisting Simons in the overall project completion.  The existing hospital will remain in full use throughout the duration of the proposed works.




This transformation will incorporate a 3 storey extension with basement car park, a new service yard to segregate service vehicles from patients & visitors, a new entrance to act as a focal point for the Trust and refurbishment of the existing department at two levels. This transformed state-of-the-art facility will provide 72 bedrooms.

Demolition of the 1970's constructed 129,000 sqft 3 Storey Office Block

Removal of all slabs and foundations

Demolition of all retaining walls

Crush arising’s to a 6f2 and Type 1 product for later use on the car park

Remove from site 26,000.00 m2 of spoil as part of the reshaping/ remodelling  work

Install a 700m3 capacity attenuation tank along with Hydro Brake and Interceptor

Install all the channel drainage along with all underground drainage

Install all the cable ducts along with lighting column bases

Provide a new 8,000 m2 car park using the processed material from the demolition work and then tarmacking the whole area.

Install security hoops


Pentagon Toyota- Sheffield